Investigative Services

APS offers a full range of investigative services to our clients. Our experienced staff of former law enforcement investigators insures the most expedient and extensive investigation is completed in a timely manner. Our staff provides consultations with current or prospective clients to adequately obtain information and determine what course of action is warranted. APS can provide investigative assistance both domestic and international with our partners domiciled across the globe.

The following is a listing of the investigative services offered by APS. If your concern is not listed below, contact us for a consultation to assist with your specific need.

  • Criminal Defense/Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Investigations/Litigation
  • Due diligence-business and individuals
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Pre-employment Investigations and other Background Checks
  • Corporate
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Asset and Recovery
  • Charities
  • Legal Investigations

Associated Protective’s investigative staff will give you as an individual, company or law firm the comfort knowing that you have relied on the best.